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Our Rates For Personal Training is $30.00

This session is for a full hour without waiting for machine availability.

Discounts are available when a block of 5 personal sessions are scheduled and paid for.

Buy 5 Sessions and get 1 Free Fat Calibration!

Find out your body mass and fat Percentage rate.



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Our Rates for Monthly Membership and Personal Training.

Our Personal Training rates for Men & Women is $30.00 per hour !

Pre-pay for 5 sessions and get 1 free session and a Body Mass Index test free !

 Unlike some Gyms, we give you a full hour of training with no waiting between sets.

What we mean by this is that in some Gyms with 100's or 1000's of members you would have to wait until the machine or weights are available before you can get to use them because of the crowds of people especially between the hours of 4 PM and 7 PM. While your waiting the clock is ticking and you are not working out !

If you count the minutes that you are actually working during a personal training session in some Gyms it may end up being   30-45 minutes total.!

At Flextime Gym there is never any wait time so you go from exercise to exercise with no waiting ,which gives you a great productive workout.

 NO HYPE JUST RESULTS!    Give us a call   845-436-7884


* Catering to Women!

* Never Crowded !

* Clean & Safe !

* Professional      Trainers !

* Great Equipment!

We offer a cross training Program that is fantastic and incorporates aerobics and weight training exercises.






Rates for Women's Monthly Membership!

$50.00 per month plus one time orientation fee of $50.00

Orientation is 2 Personal Sessions that set you up on program and proper usage of Equipment !



Monthly Membership Rates for Women is 50.00  a month and you Pay from month to month without any long term contracts. Open membership is not open to Men at this time so that our Women members can have their privacy, but they are welcomed to do Personal Training !

New Monthly Members are required to take 2 mandatory orientation/personal training sessions for a fee of $50.00.

In these 2 sessions we set you up on a program, do a fitness assessment, a body mass index measurement, and familiarize you with the various equipment you will be using. Unlike some Gyms that simply take your money and let you loose without any proper instruction, Flextime wants to make sure that you are working out smartly, and safely and with a specific routine to help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and safely.

So the First month's membership fee is $100.00 which is $50.00 for the first month's membership and $50.00 for the two training sessions. Each month after that is 50.00 and no long term commitment !


If you do decide to pay for a Yearly Membership you will get one month for free and a free Personal Training session.   

This is an 85.00 dollar savings !

If you get someone to Join we will deduct 10.00 off your next months fee.

Safety is one of our main concerns. People will do crazy things if not instructed properly.

Click this link to see what I mean.     Treadmill Accident commercial.

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Get a Training buddy and save Money !

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Please contact us with any Questions or to Make an Appointment to See the Gym and Meet with Us!    845-436-7884

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Monthly  Membership is  $50.00.

* Personal Training is $30.00 an hour.

Save $10.00 on your monthly membership bring a  friend.