Kelly Fighting for First Place !

Kelly on stage

Kelly Competing in an All Natural Physique Contest during a Posedown. She is on the left with the black suit. She was in good form and with super abs and brought home 1st Place in the Lightweight Division...

NPC Natural Atalantic Coast !

First Place with a 7 Foot Trophy. Nice Job !

Kelly with trophy


Pearl is our Gym Mascot. She is a Pug and loves to run on the Treadmill ! Click on the Pearl to see her on the Treadmill.



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We Cater to people of all ages and special needs.


No Hype Just Guranteed Results !


Flextime Gym and Personal Training Facility has be in business for over 20 Years. John & Kelly Rosiak have over 30 Years of experience training people with various fitness goals.

John & Kelly

Kelly has over 35 Natural Bodybuilding Titles and Competed for over 20 years. John has over 6 certifications in Personal training, Nutritional Consultant, and Weight Training.

aerobic room

Our aerobic area has treadmill, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and steppers. It is set in a clean comfortable environment and you never have to wait for a machine due to our limited membership policy. You can get through your workout much quicker without lines waiting to use the machines.

Most people love the weight training but shun the aerobic end of training. This approach is wrong and we at Flextime Gym emphasize the need to do at least 3-4 days of some aerobic activity .Our first choice for them is W A L K I N G ! It is the first thing we learn to do and the first thing we forget to do as part of our aerobic activity. Walking on treadmill is fine but walking outside in the Fresh air of the Catskills should be on all our list of things to do to help our overall health.

Walking for Women is one of the best ways to keep from getting osteoporosis and treating it. To read more on this subject click here!

Weight bearing Exercise For Women!

Stop Osteoporosis !




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We are a small no frills Gym that offer a fully equipped Gym in a clean, private, non congested environment. Through the years of training ourselves and others we feel that weight training with aerobic activity is the quickest and easiest way to improve a persons physique and overall health.

Workout routines should be custom designed and executed by the individual according to his or her ability's or physical limitations. Group classes unfortunately have everyone doing the same thing at the same intensity and is a very dangerous and counter productive approach to exercising.

Working out with a personal goal takes a routine that guarantees that you can achieve the level of fitness that you are trying to get without over training or hurting yourself. That is the main thing that you will get at Flextime !

Personal Attention and No Crowds!

Flextime Gym is a Private 2850 square foot facility loaded with great professional equipment. Many of the pieces are custom made and cannot be found in other gyms!

We cater to women, but Personal Training is open to both Men and Women. Monthly Membership is for Women Only for their Privacy

We offer selectorized Equipment Free Weights and Aerobic Equipment.The facility will satisfy both the novice and the Elite weight trainer or Bodybuilder. We customize programs to fit the goals of our clients. During your two orientation workouts,we tailor a Workout routine to fit your goals. Weight loss, weight gain, bodybuilding or just overall fitness, we can design a program just for you.



Great Gym Equipment is vital to getting a good workout but it is also critical to be shown how to use it properly and efficiently.

That is why we have the 2 mandatory orientation sessions with all our members to make sure that you are working out on the equipment safely and properly.

We have had people that walk in and tell us that they have been working out for years and don't even know the name of the machine or what body part it was designed to exercise.

We feel that is not their fault entirely but the poor instruction that they had from their previous Gym. Training with us at FLEXTIME you will learn all the machines, how to adjust them for your height and weight, learn what they are called and will be able to work out in any Gym after being properly instructed.

This comes in handy when you ar vacationing or on a business trip away from FLEXTIME . You will have the knowledge and ability to work out in any other Gym in the Nation without being apprehensive.

We are Also Dealers for Abcore a Fantastic Abdominal machine. Home units and Commercial. Check out My Video


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This Poor Girl took some Personal Training Sessions at a Local Gym nearby and ended up doing some crazy movements.

Don't let this happen to you! Join Flextime Gym or you may end up like her stuck in the Barbell Curl Twilight Zone or worse. Proper execution of an exercise is crucial to a safe, productive workout.

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